Demisto Enterprise is the first Bot-powered security ChatOps platform to automate and streamline security operations and incident management processes.

Demisto Enterprise’s intelligent automation is provided courtesy of DBot, a security chatbot and the first of its kind. DBot is your co-pilot and collaborator. With DBot at your side, manual incident response tasks become fully automated, investigation-to-response, playbook-based workflows that integrate across security applications. DBot automates playbook actions, and helps you cross-correlate by using sophisticated patterns and powerful search capabilities to look for artifacts, comments and incident meta-data in past and ongoing forensic investigations, or to proactively identify duplicate or related incidents in progress.  

DBot collaborates with you via ChatOps. A concept new to security teams but natural to their work process, Demisto Enterprise ChatOps allows analysts to share insights and information, and to direct DBot to take actions on their behalf and report back results.  DBot then securely captures all information shared and actions taken within the context of an investigation’s “war-room”, allowing teams to solve problems together, learn and so all that great work doesn’t get lost within overflowing inboxes, IM windows and mobile devices.  Once captured, the information is curated and archived for complete journaling and evidentiary support, and to help create best practices, new playbooks, to satisfy compliance and audit requirements, or for interactive modeling and training of analysts. 

With Demisto, security analysts can finally scale their time and effort while working the way humans are wired to – together.