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The Cyber Security for Healthcare Exchange Dives into Data Security

The 2017 Exchange will provide the Chief Information Security Officer and leading executives with a three-day event on the forefront of protecting the cyber security of the enterprise as the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks continues to increase and evolve. Unlike other events, the Cyber Security for Healthcare Exchange will offer executives the opportunity to hear and discuss successful strategies in a true peer-to-peer networking forum while highlighting the latest technologies, strategies and processes to ensure security. 

Key Topics This Year Include:


Incident Response- how to monitor and protect to quickly detect ransomware and malware


Cyber terrorism related to healthcare, with high profile patients and other sensitive PII; What are hospitals doing, intercepting traffic, WikiLeaks, etc.


Medical Devices- how to secure and control the patient information stored on the devices


Implementing stronger vendor security controls to ensure all partners and outside providers have adequate controls


How to trust the cloud and become an expert on the cloud for healthcare

Download the Cyber Security for Healthcare Exchange Agenda to see our complete speaking faculty and interactive sessions!

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The Cyber Security for Healthcare Exchange will take place September 13-15, 2017